The Who and The Why

Hi, I am Chelsea ( to get my sense of humor maybe you replied, “Hi, Chelsea” in your head, or even better, out loud!). When I turned 30 a few years back it really freaked me out. A lot.  I had the old panic of, “Crap! I am 30 and haven’t done anything super amazingly brilliant with my life yet!”, I think that was the final push I needed to start actually doing those items (aka writing)I have had on the back burner for a looooong time.

Now on to why I chose the glamorous topic of alcoholism and addiction as a blog topic. My younger brother has had struggles with drugs and alcohol since he was around 14, let me sum it up by saying it was a long damn ten years before we realized he wasn’t simply going to “grow out of it” , or “figure it out this time”, or my dad’s favorite, “pull his head out of his ass”. Countless sleepless nights, jail time, numerous wrecked vehicles (sounding familiar), lost jobs, and heartache all culminated in September of 2012 when he called my mom and stepdad asking for help; that he didn’t want this life anymore.

It was a prayer I had begged the Universe, God, whoever and whatever for many years. However, little did I know the real hard work was just beginning, not just for him, but for all of us. It has been emotionally draining, embarrassing, and magical all at the same time these past few years; yet it is really still so foreign and we travel uncharted territory everyday.

I am choosing to walk through it, learn, practice, and become a better human being. Recovery is hands down the hardest challenge for a person, I applaud anyone who wants it and is willing to put in the work. I am starting to see the reason for the madness, and thank Chad everyday for choosing treatment and recovery because it has changed my life so much already. One of our jokes is that we are glad we finally got off the “crazy train” as we referred to the pre-recovery days when life was pretty insane.. We also joke about our “crazy brains” as we are so similar in our thinking and behavior that we have to “keep our crazy in check” to maintain sanity. We’ve had to learn to laugh a lot, so we don’t drown in our tears.

Lastly, my hope is that in finding myself and working to be the way I was intended to be, then sharing that adventure out here in the world, I can shine some self work sparkles into other’s lives as well. Thank you for visiting, reading, and please, “Take what you like, and leave the rest.”

Be Good, Do Good.



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